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If you ask the locals about the sights of their region, they will definitely tell you about “Sertazan” that is situated near village Pisanets. What is “Sertazan” and how did this Armenian word come to the Urals? So, this all started in 1944 when nearby was the NKVD farm where worked special exiles from Bulgaria, Moldavia, Armenia. They were farming under strict control. Some of them, who were hardworking and responsible, became famous and respectable people. And they stayed here even after all the restrictions were lifted.

In 1970-1988, the head of the state farm (sovkhoz) “Krasnogvardeyskiy” was Avedis Bogosian, a wise and forward-looking man. One day he saw a thin trickle of water in the forest. He broke the earth surface in this place, so the spring Sertazan came to people. Later Sarkis Arian, who was born in this region, improved the area around the spring. Sarkis loved the Urals as his ancestors loved the Caucasus. Now Sertazan is decorated with stones that remind some people about the Ural Mountains, other – about Caucasus. Water flows out from the grotto with an Orthodox Cross on the wall, as both Russians and Armenians are Christians. The word “sertazan” means saint, holly.

Starting from 2005 seven suspension bridges appeared near Sertazan.