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The stone Pisanets is situated near the village with the same name. The cliff is hanging over the river, keeping safely its secrets. On the side that faces the river, man can see figures painted with red color. Some figures are obvious and other are hardly seen and look like red spots. Nobody knows the exact time when these ancient drawings appeared on the cliff. Scientists suppose that the people who lived in Neolithic age, four thousand years ago, made it.

In 1699 year by the order of Peter the Great, Losev examined the cliff and made first detailed description. The Holand scientist Witsen received the copies of this report and printed the first publication about the Ural Pisanets.

Later, in 1914, Ural explorer Tolmachev examined the cliff again and the results of his work resembled Losev’s report. It means that after 200 years the ancient pictures did not change. So, it turns out that the paint of ancient people is very resistant to weather-related events.

According to the explorers’ reports, the ancient drawings can be divided into 3 groups. The first group consists of the images of three people and an animal looking like a bear. The second is a very complex geometry figure. And the third is the figure of some ungulate.

Scientists suppose that stones with paintings, like Pisanets, were the sacred places for ancient people and they still keep a lot of secrets and legends.