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Manturov Stone

Manturov stone is the most popular place of Artyomovskiy district and not just among locals. People from all Russia and from abroad come to the Urals to make river rafting.  One of the most demanded water routes in the Middle Urals is the Rezh River. Near village Mironovo the river makes 180 degree turn and on the left side bank rafting enthusiasts can observe 45 meter high cliff. This is our famous Manturov stone.

The stone was named after Parfen Manturov. His family and the Mironovs were the first settlers of the village Mironovo, founded in 17th century. One day bandit nomads attacked the settlement and Parfen with his wife ran to the river to divert the nomads attention from the village. On the cliff they were caught, Parfen was killed and his wife was taken prisoner. Since then, this cliff was called Manturov Stone.

From the top of Manturov stone, we can see a wonderful view of the river and forest. However, not only the breathtaking beauty of this place attracts people, but also its botanical and geomorphological features.

The botanical uniqueness of the cliff is defined by the following examples of vegetable life:

  • Endemic plants, that are native to or confined to a certain region. Among them: Aster alpinus, Dianthus acicularis, Alyssum lenense.
  • Relic plants, the plants that survived from the past. Here still grow some plants that prevailed in this region in Mesozoic Era. They are Stipa and Lichenes.

Manturov stone is considered to be geomorphological monument also. Geomorphology studies Earth surface and seeks to understand why landscapes look the way they do. The stone is composed of the limestone that was formed in Paleozoic era, carboniferous period. The limestone contains the skeletal fragments of marine organisms having lived in the ancient sea that situated here instead of the Artyomovskiy district. Because of volcano activity, the sea bottom turned into the mountain at the end of the carboniferous period. So now, Manturov stone is a museum that contains many fossil and flora and fauna prints that help to define the main stages of Earth development in this region. The cliff also has a cave which entrance is so narrow that an adult enter it just for 6-7 meters. Only bats can fly dipper and spend winters there.

Nowadays Manturov stone is the nature monument of regional importance.